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Ford Puts a Price Tag on 2007 Shelby GT

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We like Carroll Shelby and loved driving the new GT500; it’s an amazing machine with 500 hp for under $45,000. Then we heard a more mild-mannered Shelby GT was coming for 2007 and got even more excited, expecting it to be priced much closer to a regular Mustang GT – which starts at $27,995 for a leather-equipped coupe. There are only 25 additional horses under this new pony’s hood compared with that standard GT’s 300 hp and of course lots of cosmetic and suspension upgrades, but we’re a bit surprised at the MSRP of $36,970. Compared to the GT500 coupe’s $42,975, it’s not a lot more to move up to GT500 and its additional 175 hp. However, it is a substantial bump from the well-equipped GT Premium package.

Ford says the numbers of the Shelby GT will be very limited — there will be fewer of them than the Shelby GT500 — so shoppers are actually buying more of the collectible rather than what’s underneath the skin, but they’re not far off the going rate for gussied up Mustangs.

Aftermarket companies like Saleen have been building hot-rodded Mustangs for years and sell them through select Ford dealers. They don’t come cheap either, with a 345 hp version starting at more than $42,000. The Shelby GT isn’t looking like so bad of a deal now, is it?

The Shelby GT will start arriving at dealers at the end of January.

Ford Announces Mustang Shelby GT
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