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FordPass Adds Spotify to Its Partner Companies

CARS.COM — Ford announced that it will add Spotify to its new FordPass program, which launches in April. That means FordPass users can get perks from Spotify, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven and BP — the four partners announced thus far — for doing things like registering their membership or using some of the program’s services.

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FordPass, which Ford announced at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, aims to create a branded mobility ecosystem whether you own a Ford or not. It’s a nebulous concept, to say the least, but Ford appears to be throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Here are some FordPass capabilities; registration is free.

  • The program offers parking-finder apps plus airport car-sharing through FlightCar. Ford says it plans to roll out future car- and ride-sharing services down the road.
  • FordPass also will absorb certain mobile-vehicle apps, like remote unlocking and vehicle starting, for certain models beginning with the refreshed 2017 Escape.
  • A free concierge service connects you with a live representative who can book or extend your parking.
  • Users can pay for services with a virtual wallet called FordPay, which presumably requires them to link a financial account.
  • Finally, Ford plans to open storefronts called FordHubs in heavily urban areas beginning with New York, San Francisco, London and Shanghai. Ford will reveal new cars at these stores but mostly help people “understand mobility options available in their cities,” the automaker said.

It’s unclear what Spotify or any of the other partner companies offer in terms of discounts or other perks. Two Ford spokespeople did not clarify any details in response to our phone calls and emails, and Ford’s consumer website for the program,, offered few specifics on each company’s rewards as of this writing.

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