Gas Prices Continue Steady Climb


CARS.COM — Gas prices rose for the fourth week in a row, climbing 4 cents to a national average of $2.33 for regular early Thursday as high demand during the summer driving season continued to deplete stockpiles of gasoline and crude oil.

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The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report said the average price of regular was 10 cents higher than a month ago and the highest it’s been since mid-June. 

Here’s what’s going on at pumps around the country in greater detail:

  • Regular jumped nine cents in Michigan to $2.45 and 10 cents in Indiana and Ohio to $2.34 and $2.29, respectively. Average prices have climbed 18 cents in Indiana and 20 cents in Ohio over the past month.

  • Prices rose throughout the Southeast and Southwest, where gas tends to be cheaper than elsewhere. The biggest weekly increases were 6 cents in Alabama and Tennessee and 7 cents in Virginia.

  • South Carolina had the lowest statewide average for regular at $2.05, and Alabama and Mississippi were close behind at $2.07.

  • Hawaii, where regular averaged $3.06, remained the most expensive state, followed by California at $2.95 and Washington at $2.81.

Only a handful of states didn’t see higher prices the past week, including Hawaii, Nevada and Washington, and the biggest jumps were in the Great Lakes area, where significant weekly changes are common.

Premium gas rose 3 cents the past week to a national average of $2.85, and diesel fuel rose by the same amount to $2.49. Regular and premium are 21 cents higher than a year ago, and diesel is 18 cents higher.

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