Gas Prices Hold as Memorial Day Nears

CARS.COM — Gas prices have remained stable in most parts of the U.S., and the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report said Thursday that the national average for regular was unchanged from a week ago at $2.34.

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Most states saw pump prices for regular rise or fall by a penny or two. Exceptions included California and Kentucky, where regular rose 4 cents, and Indiana, where it fell 5 cents. The national average for premium gas was unchanged at $2.87, and diesel fell a penny to $2.50.

Gas in recent weeks has defied the usual spring pattern of rising prices approaching the Memorial Day weekend. The national average for regular is down 7 cents from a month ago, according to AAA, and at $2.34 is 10 cents higher than a year ago, when prices were steadily increasing.

Here's a quick look at how gas prices were elsewhere across the country this week:

  • South Carolina again had the lowest statewide average for regular at $2.03, followed by Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee at $2.09.
  • Hawaii was the most expensive state, with regular averaging $3.06. California was next at $3.01, followed by Alaska at $2.91.

Barring an unexpected decline in pump prices over the next week, U.S. motorists will pay slightly more to fill up this Memorial Day weekend than in 2016. said the average price for regular on Memorial Day last year was $2.29, the lowest since 2009. 

In comparison, GasBuddy said motorists paid well over $3 per gallon on Memorial Day weekend from 2011 through 2014. The highest year was 2011, when regular averaged $3.78.

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