GPS Devices Become Top Theft Target

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Remember the good old days when burglars were smashing windows for your stereo? Now, according to the Hartford Courant, GPS units have overtaken stereo systems as the most prized in-car object for thieves looking to make a quick buck. Although that newspaper focuses on GPS-related car burglaries in Connecticut, the FBI confirms that it’s a nationwide trend.

The devices, which have become popular over the last four years, can fetch $100 on the street, and it’s often as easy as thieves smashing a window and getting a good running start.

Here are some tips for avoiding having your GPS stolen: It’s not enough to simply hide the device in the glove compartment. If you can look into your car and see an empty holder for the unit or even the suction cup marks on the window, that means a burglar can too. Removing any sign of a GPS device and wiping the suction marks clear is the only way to signal to potential thieves that you still use good old-fashioned paper road maps. Also, be sure to record the unit’s brand, model, and serial number, in case it turns up later at a pawn shop.

Thieves Zero in on GPS Devices (Hartford Courant)

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