GPS Likely to Top Holiday Wish List


What holiday gift would satisfy any member of the family over the age of 16? What one gadget straddles the line of functionality and “how-cool-is-this” delight? According to reports, portable GPS navigational devices are it; they’re expected to be the hot items under the tree this season. Sweden’s Research Institute of Trade has already crowned the device this year’s projected top-selling gift, while U.S. retailers eagerly anticipate the post-Thanksgiving shopping boom as a chance to make the devices the Tickle-Me, Elmo of adult gifts.

As far as nifty tech gifts go, portable GPS systems have a lot going for them. Besides being a fairly guilt-free, practical gift, the technology has already been real-world tested for years by the military, meaning most of the kinks were ironed out long ago. Additionally, prices have begun to come down, making them affordable for the average American family. (Of course, according to the report, the Swedes spend an average of $1,000 per person when giving gifts — so no need to rule out marrying one.)

Decent GPS systems have been spotted in promotions for as little as $125. To find a unit that matches your needs and price range, check out C-NET’s GPS holiday gift guide.

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