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Great Rides for Great Dads

As Father’s Day approaches, there are many deserving dads who aren’t in the car, truck or SUV they ought to be. We canvassed our editors near and far for choices that would make any dad forget that tie you gave him last year. They are ordered from most family-friendly to fortresses of solitude.

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Suburban Dad:

The 2015 Chevrolet Suburban bears the namesake of his milieu, and offers all the towing capacity he needs to pull the family pontoon boat, and enough passenger and cargo space to ferry the whole T-ball team to the ice-cream parlor after a big win. Plus, he can load it up enough with options to be able to brag to the other suburban dads how he dropped $75K without getting all uppity. editors Matt Schmitz, Kelsey Mays, Jennifer Geiger, Jennifer Newman, Aaron Bragman, David Thomas, Mark Williams and Bill Jackson all contributed to this report.

Tomwang112/Thinkstock image; Manufacture images; photos by Evan Sears, David Thomas and Kristin Varela