Handful of 'Talking' Cars Could Rid Streets of Traffic Jams


By “talk” we mean intelligent vehicle-to vehicle telematics systems that send data about local road conditions to traffic control centers via a special WiFi network. If just five cars out of every thousand had such a system, traffic could be drastically reduced, say researchers. That’s because the figure would be adequately representative of the flow of traffic and would help authorities manage the flow of congestion, for instance, by delaying road construction until there were fewer cars on the road. The data could also be sent to motorists via text message, navigation systems and radio traffic reports.

The findings are a part of a greater movement in the German state of Hesse to implement the technology and rid the state of traffic jams by 2015. Hesse is where the city of Frankfurt is located. 

Just a Few Talking Cars Could Eliminate Gridlock (Autopia)

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