Havelaar Reveals the Bison Electric Pickup


There must be something in the water designers of electric pickup trucks are drinking, because their designs all look a little weird.

The latest electric pickup, which looks like the Workhorse W-15, is called the Bison. It's from Havelaar Canada, a green mobility technology company looking to break into the U.S. marketplace with a full-size battery electric pickup that can get almost 200 miles on a single charge. That's the best range we've heard of to date for an electric pickup.

The Bison is quirky, odd and likely exactly what buyers of this kind of vehicle would like — something that stands out from the crowd.

Beyond the Bison's space-age, Transformer-like exterior, all we know is that it will have two electric motors controlling an all-wheel-drive system, plug-in ports for power tools, a frame and body that makes extensive use of carbon fiber and high-strength steel, and a large iPad-like control screen on the dashboard. We'll pass along more information after we get the chance to see (or drive) one in later.

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