Haynes Manuals Can Help With DIY Pickup Projects


If you like to spend late nights in the garage with your pickup truck or want to know how to change its headlights, we recommend you have a few high-quality, model-specific manuals around in case you need guidance.

Haynes Publishing Group is one of the top publishers of automotive repair books and do-it-yourself manuals. It's released a few new editions for some of the more popular pickups, including the 2015-17 Ford F-150 and 2011-16 Ford Super Duty. Additionally, Haynes has updated manuals for the 2008-14 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500, the 1997-2003 Ford F-150 and 1994-2008 Ram pickups, the latter of which will be available in April.

These manuals (available in print or online) offer advice and how-to guidance for everything from simple oil changes to part rebuilding and replacement. They're designed to be accessible for everyone from professional mechanics to first-time truck owners, and feature large-format color photos, wiring diagrams and internet links to other in-depth sources.

If you plan to work on your vehicle or want to verify the parts or procedures your local dealership is recommending, visit Haynes for more information. It's likely you'll find a how-to manual for your pickup for around $20.

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