Holiday Treat: Gas $4.10 a Gallon

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It’s one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, so it’s no surprise that gas hit almost $4.10 a gallon nationally today. Tomorrow and this weekend it could go even higher. On the whole, though, we should be encouraged that in the past few weeks it has only gone up a cent or two.

There is some good news: Diesel prices are lower today than they were a month ago, currently resting at $4.77.

But fans of E85 are hurting. Prices of the ethanol fuel have shot up 37 cents to $3.69 a gallon because of the loss of corn crops due to flooding in the Midwest. If you account for adjusted mileage compared to regular gasoline, the price of E85 is a sky-high $4.85.

Tell us what your car travel plans are for the holiday weekend, or if you’re curtailing plans because of gas prices.

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