Honda Fit Ownership Costs After 8,000 Miles

15Honda_Fit_EX_ES_12.jpg 2015 Honda Fit; | photo by Evan Sears

At 6,800 miles,’s long-term Honda Fit let us know it was time for the hatchback’s first scheduled maintenance when the “A1” maintenance light illuminated in the instrument panel. The owner’s manual decoded A as an oil change, and the 1 as a tire rotation, so we were off to our local dealership for the service.

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The Honda Fit takes 3.5 quarts of 0W-20-weight partial-synthetic oil when changed with the filter, and the oil, filter and replacement drain plug washer totaled $44.95, while the tire rotation cost $24.95. With taxes and fees, the Fit’s first maintenance trip to the dealership cost $74.61, which adds to the ownership costs of our Fit, including the wheel replacement after one was stolen and adding navigation through HondaLink.

Ownership_Honda_Fit.jpg photo by Evan Sears; chart by Paul Dolan


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