Honda Helps Out SoCal Drivers with Free Gas

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Drivers in Southern California should be on the lookout for a blue tanker truck from now until Dec. 31. The folks at SoCal Honda will be sending their so-called Honda Helpful teams to dole out free gas to lucky motorists.

Honda Helpful teams are said to have spread out across Southern California communities to perform such random acts of kindness as distributing umbrellas when it’s raining, handing out reusable grocery bags at local grocers and feeding the homeless.

We couldn’t get a straight answer from SoCal Honda if the “Helpful Guys & Girls in Blue” — as their teams are known — will only dole out free gas to Honda owners or if drivers of other brands are eligible. A representative enigmatically told us, “The majority are Honda drivers, but some non-Honda drivers may also get lucky!”

If you live in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, the San Fernando Valley, Pasadena or Ventura County, keep your eyes peeled for the big blue truck—especially if you’re a Honda owner.

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