Honda Says New Hybrid Drive System a Bargain

With Honda’s new hybrid-only model (not a hybrid version of an existing model) due out in 2009, the automaker has some good news for car buyers and anyone else interested in the development of hybrid technology: The hybrid drive system costs about half of what the Civic Hybrid’s does, making for a significant reduction in production expenses.

Advancements have allowed for a lighter, less-complex design, and Honda expects the new model to start at $18,500. That marks the first sizeable reduction from previous lowest hybrid prices, which seemed to be stuck around $20,000.

Honda’s new hybrid-only model — which doesn’t yet have a name — will supposedly be a five-passenger vehicle that’s slightly smaller than the Civic, meant to take on Toyota’s hybrid champ, the Prius.

New 2009 Honda Hybrid Drive System to Cut Costs by 50% (NextEnergyNews)

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