Honda Sport CR-V and Fit Sport Extreme Concepts


Honda handed brand-new cars to various aftermarket tuning houses to show off what someone could do to the company’s new Civics, Fits and Elements at this year’s SEMA show, but we’re only interested in what Honda wants to do to these vehicles. I guess we just don’t want to get our own hands dirty. To that point, the company debuted two concepts we think have merit and could enter the lineup relatively soon.

Honda Sport Concept CR-V

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We love the looks of this CR-V. The 19-inch wheels and lowered suspension offer an immediate payoff, transforming the “interesting” look of the new CR-V to something that would almost impress a date. Add the requisite body kits (which we could do without) and the high-tech interior from the Civic Si (which we wouldn’t want to go without) and the look is cemented. So what we’re saying is: give us the interior, wheel options and lowered suspension, slap a Sport badge on it and be done.

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Honda Fit Sport Extreme Concept


This vehicle has less chance of reaching dealers’ lots, with its expensive carbon fiber body panels and track-tuned suspension. The parts needed to turn the Fit into a performance machine like the one here would easily push the cost into the Civic Si realm, and we don’t think many buyers would make that choice. Still, we like the scorched orange metallic color.

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