Honda's Next Hybrid

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At Honda’s 2007 lineup introduction event last week, the company gave a few hints about its next hybrid. This upcoming vehicle will be a high-volume seller with a price and body-size below the current Civic Hybrid. A hybrid in a smaller body style could equal extremely frugal gas mileage, maybe even well north of the current Civic Hybrid’s 49/51 city/hwy mpg. If the price is under the Civic Hybrid’s $22,150, it could become a high-volume seller.

All Honda would say about the car’s looks was that it will have a unique body style. We’re not sure if that means it will be an all-new vehicle, one we haven’t seen yet, or if it will be a revised Honda Fit, which went on sale in the U.S. this year. Either way, do not expect this new hybrid to hit the market until 2009.

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