How Do the Acura ILX's and Honda Civic's Interiors Compare?

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But Honda significantly upgraded the Civic’s interior materials and appearance for the 2013 model year, narrowing the gap with the ILX as it answered widespread criticism of the 2012 model’s furnishings.

The Civic gained higher-quality and more inviting interior materials for 2013, such as softer padding on the dashboard and upper door panels, and more attractive and user-friendly switches.

For 2014, Acura has upped the ante on the ILX, making leather seats and simulated leather door trim standard instead of optional, along with a power driver’s seat and heated front seats. That gives the ILX needed separation from the Civic (from which it is derived) to justify its higher price and the Acura nameplate.

Though the ILX is quieter than the Civic, it’s not as quiet as the Buick Verano, an upscale compact sedan based on the Chevrolet Cruze that comes with luxurious interior furnishings and provides a good comparison to the ILX.

Drive them both and see for yourself if the ILX has enough differences to warrant its extra cost over the Civic.

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