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How Do You Renew Volvo On Call and the AT&T Data Plan?

Volvo's Touchscreen

CARS.COM — As we approach the six-month ownership benchmark of our Best of 2016-winning Volvo XC90, the complimentary subscriptions to Volvo’s On Call app and the AT&T data plan that provides Wi-Fi hot spot functionality are nearing expiration. Here’s what the Volvo car services offer.

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On Call is an app service accessible via smartphone that allows remote access to various vehicle features and information. These include:

  • Remote start
  • Vehicle location services
  • Remote door lock and unlocking
  • Vehicle alerts, such as service notifications and fuel info
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Remote vehicle immobilization

Did we use it? Yes. Some of our editors also had a little fun with the app, specifically the remote horn honk function. If we’d like to continue using all of these Volvo car app features, we can add the service for the following lengths and costs:

  • 12 months: $200
  • 18 months: $250
  • 30 months: $390
  • 42 months: $500
  • 54 months: $600

The subscription can be renewed directly through the On Call app, via Volvo’s renewal site or through a Volvo dealer.

As for the AT&T data plan, customers can use the data service to create a Wi-Fi hot spot in their vehicle. At this time, there is no renewal plan in place according to Volvo customer support; however, Volvo will continue to provide the service at no cost until a plan for renewal exists.