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Hummer H2 Wheels Can Fall Off

The Sacramento Bee ran an investigative report on its front page today regarding Hummer H2s and the possibility their wheels can fall off. There have been more than 20 cases of H2s experiencing the extreme problem, including the Bee’s own automotive editor Mark Glover. His 2002 test vehicle is shown here after losing its front left wheel in the newspaper’s parking lot.

Most of the cases occurred after the vehicle struck another object, but others — including Glover — say they didn’t hit anything. GM says there’s nothing wrong with the part that caused the problem, even though they replaced it in 2003; complaints documented in the Bee’s report state model years ranging through 2004. NHTSA is continuing an investigation that could eventually lead to a recall. GM says there is nothing wrong with the vehicle.

[Bee Investigative Report: Wheels are falling off Hummers, Sacramento Bee – Registration required]

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