Hyundai Confirms Pickup Truck Is Coming


CARS.COM — Since its reveal in 2015, the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept pickup truck has been a likely candidate to make the jump from concept to reality. Hyundai has now confirmed that it will be developing a pickup similar to the concept.

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Whenever the production truck rolls off the assembly line, Hyundai will join Mercedes-Benz in the “Wait, they build a truck?” segment. No details have been forthcoming on the size, platform or release date for the truck, but based on the Santa Cruz concept, it will likely be a mid-size truck (think Honda Ridgeline) and not a full-size one (think Ford F-150).

Will it be a success? With so little known about the truck at this stage, it’s hard to say, but Hyundai certainly faces a hard road ahead to gain the credibility necessary to sell a pickup. For more details, check out the coverage on our sister site,

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