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Hyundai Equus iPad, App Update

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There was some confusion when Hyundai announced that its new flagship sedan — the upcoming Equus — would come with an iPad loaded with the owner’s manual and more.

USA Today has provided an update about the app. Rather than being crammed into the glove box, the hefty owner’s manual will be an iPad app that will include text, pictures and even how-to videos covering every aspect of the Equus. Hyundai is working with an independent developer to figure out how all this will work.

Another app called Valet Service will contact a dealer, who will then send a representative to your house to drop off a loaner, pick up your car and take it in for servicing. For Equus owners, the days of scheduling an oil change into your busy schedule are as extinct as those owner’s manuals made of “paper” that are so 2009.

Finally, Hyundai will develop some kind of fancy case for the iPad, which will be the 16-gigabyte Wi-Fi version.

We know what you’re saying. “Not the 3G model? Meh.”

Hyundai Putting Owners Manuals in Cars on Apple iPads (DriveOn)

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