Hyundai to Launch Efficiency-Focused 'Blue' Lineup

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Hyundai will soon debut gas-conscious variants of its Accent and Elantra compact cars: the 2010 Accent Blue and 2010 Elantra Blue, it announced at the L.A. auto show. Available in summer 2009, the models take a page from GM’s playbook; the Detroit-based automaker recently launched a handful of “Xtra Fuel Economy” cars and trucks. Like the XFE models, Hyundai’s Blue models use readily available technology to achieve better gas mileage.

To boost fuel efficiency, Blue models get more slippery aerodynamics, new engine tuning, low-rolling-resistance tires and a unique final-drive ratio. Official gas mileage estimates aren’t yet available, but the current Accent and Elantra get up to 26/35 mpg city/highway and 25/33 mpg, respectively.

Hyundai says the Accent Blue and Elantra Blue will also be the least expensive versions of these two cars. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the 2009 Accent starts at $11,070, while the 2009 Elantra’s base price is $14,120.

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