Hyundai Wants Dual-View LCDs on Dashboards


This falls under the category of, “How cool does that sound?”

Hyundai wants to bring dual-view technology to the dashboards of its vehicles, allowing the passenger and the driver to view two different displays on the same screen, simultaneously. Already growing in the home entertainment market, the LCD screens would allow a driver to check navigation information while the passenger looks up sports scores or movie times. Or two guys could play Nintendo Wii tennis on the highway.

See? There are a lot of uses.

Don’t expect dual-view screens in any of Hyundai’s 2009 models. The automaker is still perfecting the technology—likely making sure the screen’s image is up to snuff and the price can be somewhat reasonable. After all, while everyone can agree that a dual-view screen would be awesome, negotiations will surely begin when you ask how much such awesomeness should cost.

Hyundai Dual-View Displays Lets Driver, Passenger See Different (Jalopnik)

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