I-mob: An OnStar Rival?


A British company has launched a U.S. arm that looks to take on GM’s OnStar service. Called I-mob, the U.S. branch, based in Royal Oak, Mich., looks to compete in the vehicle security service in which OnStar is the primary — if not only — player.

I-mob’s current product, made for the aftermarket in Europe, features remote start, door-locking and vehicle shutoff services, and it connects drivers to a call center after a significant collision. The included GPS system also enables owners to track their vehicles at any time (teenagers’ ears just perked up everywhere in America). With that added feature, as well as cell-phone activation, I-mob could be a major player in this market. And because OnStar is only available in GM and select Acura vehicles, their rivals might have a way to compete.

[New Player Seeks to be OnStar Rival, Automotive News — registration required]

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