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Is the Jeep Compass the Smallest in its Lineup?

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Length (inches): Compass, 175.1; Patriot, 173.8; Wrangler, 163.8

Width (inches): Compass, 71.4; Patriot, 69.2; Wrangler, 73.7

Height (inches): Compass, 65.0; Patriot, 65.5; Wrangler, 70.9

Weight (pounds): Compass, 3,097; Patriot, 3,136; Wrangler, 3,879

You can use the Compare feature to see how the Compass measures up in other ways to the rest of the Jeep lineup. We set up a comparison for you, here.

Compare the 2014 Jeep Compass, Patriot and Wrangler
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