Jump-Start Your Car Quick and Easy

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Now this is a functional little gadget.

The Closed-Hood Car Jump-Starter allows you to skip the jumper cables and leave the hood down (obviously). The device plugs into the basic 12-volt outlet that can be found on pretty much any car made after the midway point of the 20th century, so all you need is a functional car. Plug one end into the running car’s outlet and the other into the dead car’s, and after a few minutes transferring juice an indicator light will tell you when your battery is good to go.

For only $20, it’s a good deal that makes sense if you want to save space or if you’re simply a driver who doesn’t like to mess around under the hood. That may sound strange to those who frequent automotive blogs, but there are plenty of drivers who would love it if they could jump-start a car without having to remember how jumper cables hook up to a battery.

Jump Start Your Car Easily… Too Easily (Jalopnik)

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