KFC to Repair Potholes

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The fast-food chicken franchise best known for offering bowls of mashed potatoes topped with fried chicken, cheese and gravy is offering to repair potholes in five major U.S. cities, beginning with the company’s hometown of Louisville, Ky.

KFC is asking U.S. mayors to nominate their cities to have their potholes filled, with KFC branding in nonpermanent street chalk saying “Refreshed by KFC.”

The community service effort will generate buzz for the company and follow in the footsteps of other companies like Starbucks that have tried to market their product by giving back.

Most mayors will probably relish the opportunity to save precious funds in their budgets — as long as no one expects the Colonel to show up at every pothole.

KFC to Fill Up the Nation’s … Potholes (Brandweek)

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