Land Rover Evoque's Puddle Lamps Chase Away Creepy Feelings

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Maybe I’m overly paranoid, but others must feel the same way, which is why automakers came up with puddle lamps. These lights shine down from the side mirrors to illuminate the area right in front of the door. Or it’s to avoid a small pool of unseen water. Whatever.

Land Rover’s new Range Rover Evoque added a touch of class to its puddle lights.

When approaching the car at night, you simply unlock the car doors using the key fob and a light shines down from each of the side mirrors, illuminating and eliminating the creepy shadow just beneath the crossover’s front doors. Now I can see for sure that there isn’t some crazy ex-girlfriend of my husband’s hiding there.

The Evoque’s lights create a silhouette of the crossover. It’s just innocent enough to disarm my paranoia, and it adds a touch of elegance where you wouldn’t expect it.

Does your car have Evoque-esque puddle lights, and if so, do you find them useful or useless? Tell us in the comment section below.

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