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Lincoln MKS May Replace Town Car

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We just posted about the Lincoln MKS being the first mass production Ford with a new capless gas filler. That might have left many of you wondering, “What the heck is a Lincoln MKS?” We first saw the MKS as a concept car (shown above) in January 2006 at the Detroit auto show. There was little doubt it would make it to production, and today Ford confirmed that the MKS will debut as a 2008 model. And because it will be placed at the top of Lincoln’s lineup, it could very well replace the Town Car, one of the company’s longest-running and best-selling models.

We’re still unhappy with the new three-letter names for future Lincolns, but we think the concept of a Lexus-like full-size sedan replacing the outdated Town Car is an excellent idea. Although we’d hazard a guess that keeping the Town Car name would reduce confusion among Lincoln loyalists and even casual car buyers.   

[Ford Poised to Unveil its New Lincoln, Detroit Free Press]

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