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Luxury Car Market Predicted to Grow

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USA Today took a look at fancy new luxury car dealerships and thought there must be a trend going on. So it interviewed a number of analysts and luxury automakers and found that even though luxury cars have taken a hit this year, they’re primed for a major rebound. One analyst sees luxury cars moving from their current 14% share of the car market to 17% by 2012, while an Audi spokesman — who would naturally be biased — predicts a rise to 21% in that same amount of time.

The luxury market is so enticing that Hyundai says it’s considering a high-end division, much like Toyota did with Lexus, Honda with Acura, and Nissan with Infiniti.

Another interesting factoid in the article is the large number — 129 — of new or refreshed luxury models coming out in this magical five-­year time frame. That’s up from 98 new models between 1999 and 2005. That means a lot more choices for luxury shoppers, as well as more lavish car dealerships.

[Luxury Dealerships Soup Themselves Up, USA Today]

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