Mazda Brings Back Test-Drive Event


Whatever it’s called, Mazda’s annual test-drive tour is one of the most unique marketing exercises around. Other automakers offer similar events, but Mazda has the concept down pat. At this year’s Zoom-Zoom Live Tour (yes, it sounds silly) anyone can attend and test every Mazda in the lineup with no salesman breathing down their neck.

Unlike in previous years, many of the company’s models will also be available to take on four different rally courses. Those specific courses will allow you to drive the RX-8 sports car, the Mazdaspeed6 and the MX-5, formerly known as the Miata, in ways you’re not allowed to on the street. That’s unusual, as these performance cars were previously reserved for a much more subdued “test-drive” course.

If you are even remotely interested in purchasing a Mazda — or just want to have a fun day of driving — this is one of those events that can’t be missed.

You can register online at; expect to pay a fee (we’re checking on the price) and present a valid driver’s license when you show up. Here are the cities and dates:

Zoom-Zoom Live Tour Locations:

  Washington, D.C.     August 12-13
  Boston                   August 19-20
  New York               August 26-27
  Miami                    September 9-10
  Houston                September 16-17
  Dallas                   September 23-24
  Atlanta                 September 30-October 1
  Chicago                October 7-8
  San Francisco        October 21-22
  Los Angeles           October 28-29

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