Mini Superleggera Concept Very Un-Mini (20 Photos)

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Spectators at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014 classic-car contest in Lake Como, Italy, received a bilingual greeting of “All right?” and “Buongiorno!” as BMW introduced the Mini Superleggera Vision. The automaker described the electric-powered roadster concept car as “modern Britishness meets Italian flair,” but the first thing you’ll likely notice is its minimal Mini-ness. The Superleggera easily bears the least resemblance to any previous Mini model we’ve seen.

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The Superleggera combines Italian body construction with Mini’s iconic British visual cues on the outside, and inside uses leather, aluminum and black chrome flourishes, according to the automaker.

What do you think of this Mini concept’s blending of European cultural influences? Sound off in the comment section and check out the gallery of manufacturer’s photos below.

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