Mopar Ram Runner Kit Visual Guide


Mopar has released the full specs for the bolt-on Ram Runner off-road conversion kit that promises to turn a stock Ram 1500 half-ton into a high-speed desert pre-runner.

The Ram Runner details come just in time for this weekend's kickoff of the 2011 Traxxas TORC off-road race series.

Ram Trucks is the official vehicle of the TORC series and a Mopar Ram Runner is serving as the official pace truck. The deal puts five PRO-class drivers at the wheel of a Ram truck during the 14-race season.

If you can't wait for the race to come to a track near you, here's how you can turn your Ram 1500 into a hardened race truck.

[Sources: Mopar, Ram Trucks, Photo: Pat Schutte / TORC]


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