Mopar to Explore Feasibility of Factory-Made Ram Runner


A Mopar executive says the company will keep the Ram Runner kit under its aftermarket umbrella unless it can find a way to make a factory package profitable enough through volume.

According to a recent article in WardsAuto, Vice President of Mopar Parts, Sales and Field Operations Pat Dougherty said Mopar will study Ford's SVT Raptor — built alongside F-Series trucks on the assembly line — to see if it’s possible to add the Ram Runner kit to Ram trucks at the factory without losing money on each sale.

The complete Ram Runner kit can run upward of $70,000, or about $25,000 more than the factory-warranteed SVT Raptor ordered off the lot. The two trucks in our were approximately $22,000 apart in price, but that didn't account for the aggressive aftermarket tires and custom rims on the Ram.

To date we have not heard any supportable reports that lead us to believe a Ram 1500 Raptor competitor could be built off the same line as other Ram half-tons.


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