More Details and Photos of the New 2016 Acura RDX (32 photos)

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Acura’s updates to the 2016 RDX import a healthy dose of styling from the brand’s other recently updated models. Five years ago I’d be groaning after reading that, but Acura’s latest design direction is on the up and up as the luxury brand distances itself from the exaggerated shield/beaked designs of the past.

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The 2016 RDX adds a more dimensional, attractive shape to the compact SUV with new front and rear styling for a more contemporary look. One of the stand-out features of the 2016 are the new jewel-eye LED headlights, which are becoming a staple of the brand and feature LED low and high beams and LED “light pipe” accents. Acura’s wild LED projector headlights sparkle even when they’re off and are standard equipment on the RDX.

Those headlights sit in a newly styled front end that’s been given the same treatment as the new Acura TLX sedan. Previously a bland front bumper, the new front styling has more creases and depth than before. Acura’s grille is now 3-D, and there are additional trimmings for an upscale look. The front’s new aggressiveness works well slapped on the RDX’s relatively unchanged exterior. Similar changes to the rear styling work just as well as the front for an updated, contemporary look that now features LED rear taillights.

On the inside, Acura’s dual-screen multimedia system is seamlessly integrated into the RDX’s dashboard. With a touch-screen and center control knob for system functions, the new multimedia system brings more technology inside the RDX while eliminating a previous overabundance of buttons.

Otherwise, the interior is relatively untouched as far as styling and materials, with the exception of a few new trim pieces that don’t do much to change the overall interior experience. The RDX has been one of Acura’s most successful models so it’s not a surprise that so much remains the same.

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