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More Nissan Frontier Owners Sell After One Year

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Ever wonder what new pickup truck gets sold the fastest after just one year of ownership?

According to a new survey by, an average of 2.7 percent of model-year 2014 new cars were sold after just one year of ownership, but there were seven vehicles with much higher percentages and one of those was a pickup truck.

The auto research website analyzed 5 million model-year 2014 vehicles sold between September 2013 and March 2014, then checked back one year later to see what percentage of those vehicles were sold as used. The results put the Nissan Frontier in the No. 7 slot with 6.9 percent of all 2014 Frontiers sold as used after just one year. That's about 2.6 times higher than the average rate.

Although the survey is not in-depth enough to reveal the reasons for selling the vehicles after just one year of ownership, the report can be seen as good news, bad news. For consumers it means good news: Those looking for a decent midsize pickup should be able to find bargains on the Frontier because of competition between sellers. However, this could be seen as bad news for Nissan because it seems that fewer buyers are happy with its small truck offering.

Some sources say we are at least two years away from seeing a next-generation U.S. Frontier because Nissan is focusing on the upcoming Titan redesign. photo by Evan Sears



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