More on the 2008 Chevy Cobalt XFE

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We had many commenters question our first post on Chevy’s revamping of the Cobalt base model with a manual transmission and renaming it the XFE. We felt we needed to clarify. XFE will be an additional badge added to distinguish newly manufactured Cobalts that have revised engine tuning and low-resistance wheels and tires to help them achieve better mileage. Mileage in the XFE is better by 3 mpg on the highway and 1 mpg in the city.

These XFEs come with the exact same equipment as the non-XFE Cobalts. All Cobalts — again, including the XFE — come with air conditioning, a CD player, XM Satellite Radio, 15-inch steel wheels and side curtain airbags standard.

They also come with one more thing other Cobalts do: Rebates. XFEs get the exact same rebate as all other Cobalts. Nationally, that’s at least $1,000, but the amount may vary in your area. Check our incentives page for your region.

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