NASCAR to Introduce Themed Carwashes, Campsites

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What kind of self-respecting NASCAR fan would wash a car anywhere but in the driveway with a hose and a bucket of soapy water? The stock-car league is betting that fans will go out of their way to clean their cars at NASCAR-themed carwashes.

The racing league has made an exclusive licensing agreement with Utah-based 1903 Car Wash Co. to build 40 branded carwash locations across the country over the next five years.

Whatever your feelings about NASCAR, there is no denying that its fan base consists of millions of passionate followers, and slapping that logo on anything is going to help it sell. Still, will it matter to people where they get the winter road salt blasted off their cars?

Perhaps. But this isn’t the only branding in the works: This month, NASCAR will open the first 13 branded camping locations in conjunction with Morgan RV Resorts and Silver Cos., expanding to hundreds of RV resorts in the next few years.

NASCAR-Themed Auto Washes Coming Soon (Bloomberg News)

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