New 2007 Nissan 350Z Gets Price Tag


We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the new 350Z and its new 306-hp V-6 engine. The cars are officially on sale today, and Nissan has given us a lot more info. The coupe and roadster sport mildly altered front ends, but most eyes will focus on the new bulging hood harboring that engine. Otherwise, the 350Z looks very much the same as any you’ve already seen on the road. That’s probably why the company only bumped the price $250 over the outgoing model.

The coupe will start at $27,900, while the roadster will start at $35,500. Keep reading for the full breakdown on prices and more photos.

Nissan Sneaks 2007 350Z Into L.A. Auto Show
Nissan Improving 350Z for ’07

  • 350Z Coupe 6M                         $27,900
  • 350Z Coupe Enthusiast 6M          $29,600
  • 350Z Coupe Enthusiast 5A           $30,600
  • 350Z Coupe Touring 6M              $32,700
  • 350Z Coupe Touring 5A               $33,200
  • 350Z Coupe Grand Touring 6M      $36,100
  • 350Z Coupe Grand Touring 5A      $37,100
  • 350Z Roadster Enthusiast 6M         $35,550
  • 350Z Roadster Enthusiast 5A         $36,550
  • 350Z Roadster Touring 6M             $37,900
  • 350Z Roadster Touring 5A             $38,900
  • 350Z Roadster Grand Touring 6M    $40,250
  • 350Z Roadster Grand Touring 5       $41,250

Destination: $615

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