New Car Necessity: French Fry Holder


Admit it — you’ve had this happen to you before. You pull up to the fast food window, order a No. 1 meal and head home. But the smell of the french fries is just too much. You must have one, or 20, before you reach your destination. Of course, to grab one of these golden sticks of bliss you have to negotiate the bag. Unwrap the top, cock your arm at a 90 degree angle at the elbow and dive in. It’s a difficult experience — and one that no longer need ruin your fast food run.

A company called Kent Enterprises has created Fries & Things: a holder shaped to fit french fry containers that pops right into a standard cupholder. This may be too mind-blowing to comprehend for many of you, but for just $2.99 your fry woes are over.

[Transporting Your Trans Fats Just got Easier, Chicago Tribune – registration required]

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