New EPA Mileage Calculator

We’ve reported before on the change in EPA mileage estimates on new 2008 models, but there’s still a lot of confusion about how to figure out what a 2007 model’s adjusted estimate would be if the 2008 version hasn’t been released yet. That’s a problem, because you need to cross-shop on mileage as accurately as possible, right? Well, Kiplinger’s has launched a tool that allows you to search new 2007 models and find out what their 2008 EPA mileage equivalent should be. 

The results bring up three selections: the vehicle you searched for, and the best and worst mileage in that class. These are estimates based on the EPA’s new testing procedures but all of them aren’t the official EPA figures.

We list some examples below, but go to What’s Your Real MPG? to calculate any vehicle.
Via GMInsideNews

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