New Fuel Efficiency Standards Coming as Soon as 2010

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From all reports, he had an easy go during his congressional approval hearing yesterday and was quickly confirmed for the job. During those hearings, however, he did make some important statements regarding national fuel efficiency standards.

The law passed last year that would raise fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks by 25% by 2015 has not yet been enacted. The Bush administration decided to let the current administration handle that task. LaHood, a Republican, stated that the law would be enacted, possibly by April 1, and that the first improvements would have to take effect by 2011 — not the year 2011, but the 2011 model year, meaning we could see changes for cars sold next year as 2011-model-year cars.

Depending on the regulations and requirements, we’d guess a few automakers might take a little longer to enact their model year changeover for thirstier models.

U.S. intends to meet auto fuel rule: DOT nominee (Reuters)

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