New GM Incentives

We guess General Motors isn’t going to stick to its guns about not discounting new models as much as in 2005. Today the company will roll out a slew of new — and somewhat confusing — incentives for the Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saab and Saturn brands. Cadillac and Hummer already have 0% financing deals in place. All programs will run through Sept. 5.

The confusing part for buyers will be unique advertising and incentive campaigns for each nameplate. GM is trying to emphasize its unique brands even in how incentives are dealt out. Yes, it will be annoying and even more confusing for buyers. Along with extensive 0% financing for 36 and 60 months on most 2006 GM models, Saturn is running a 10%-off-the-sticker-price option. When a full list of specific incentives for all GM brands is released we’ll post them here.

[GM Touts Sweeter Financing Deals, Detroit News]

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