New GPS Shares Maps, Speaks in Your Voice

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The latest TomTom GO from Garmin, announced today, is a $499 portable GPS with all the things you want: a 4.3-inch touch-screen with 3D graphics, Bluetooth capability and an FM transmitter. But the TomTom GO 720 features two new ideas that set it apart in our mind. The most significant is the ability to change maps while you’re driving, with five corrections to take note of construction, street-name changes and more. You can then connect your GPS to your home computer and share your corrections with others. No mention of adding speed traps, though.

While we’d like to update our own maps, we’re not sure if we trust others to do so. However, we do like the idea of recording our own voice for step-by-step directions. If you want to hear your friends’ or family’s voices, you can record them, too.

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