New Jerseyans Love to Drive (Hopefully)

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It’s probably all those damn Springsteen songs.

According to the U.S. Census, New Jersey ranks first in the nation when it comes to driving to work, driving alone and total time spent in the car.

The state’s average work commute clocked in at 29.4 minutes. The national average is 25.1 minutes. The top New Jersey commute (and second-highest in the nation) went to the town of Marlboro, which averaged 46 minutes for a commute.

More New Jersey residents use mass transit than the national average, though, with 10.3% of commuters finding a public ride, while only 4.8% of the nation at large does. Mostly, this just tells us that in a state sandwiched by major urban hubs like New York and Philadelphia, most Jersey boys and girls have to make a trip to get to work.

We’re En Route, Old and Lonely (Asbury Park Press)

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