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New Tata Pickup to Compete Globally

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Tata Motors, one of India's largest automotive and commercial truck makers, is about to enter the world of midsize commercial trucks — in India. Tata already makes the personal-use Xenon XT for the local market, and that truck competes with the Genio, which is made by Mahindra, the other big-selling, low-cost pickup truck maker.

The new truck is designed to be a new offering for Tata in a segment that the company predicts will grow significantly over the next several years, both in the personal-use and commercial segments. The XT is offered with three different diesel engines with a fourth variant on the way and comes in regular cab (under $10,000) and four-door crew-cab (under $12,000) configurations. Depending on the configuration, the XT can carry more than 2,000 pounds.

According to some sources, it is likely the small commercial version is expected to be exported to Thailand, South Africa and parts of Southern Europe. We don't know if something like the Xenon XT can be made in the U.S. or if Tata is looking for a domestic partner, but it would be interesting. Other low-cost truck makers (remember the Great Wall Motors Steed?) are rumored to be looking for facilities in the U.S., where they might be able to make an affordable and smaller midsize pickup for a segment that is seemingly pricing and sizing itself out of existence. 

Tata Motors Xenon XT Double Cab

Great Wall Motors Steed Crew Cab


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