New Toyota Tacoma Commercials Meant To Change Minds

The new Tacoma is trying to change its image. For a long time the Toyota midsize pickup truck was the sleeping giant, content to just be good enough in a segment where few demands were expected by any of the players, but that’s changing now.

The latest 2016 Toyota Tacoma television commercial is a mixture of high-anxiety drama, low-brow stereotypical humor and massive special effects; exactly what the new Tacoma needs to get some special attention at a time when auto writers seem to be falling all over themselves talking about the all-new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, now with a new high-mileage, high-torque Duramax turbo-diesel option.

We’re not sure this particular commercial, called “Blow Off Steam,” will be the one that changes the Tacoma’s image (our favorite is the “Girlfriend” commercial), but it will likely attract attention and make some new pickup-buying consumers think that a new Tacoma can do just about anything and survive.

As evidence that the Tacoma engineers have a bit of a chip on their shoulders, Mike Sweers, Tacoma chief engineer, told The Detroit News that the Tacoma has the pedigree and current technology to go places no other midsize pickup could possibly follow.

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