New York Rejects Congestion Pricing

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg watched his plan to ease Manhattan congestion die today, as the Democratic assembly rejected the idea in a closed-door meeting.

The plan would have charged drivers $8 to enter certain parts of Manhattan during peak hours in hopes of clearing some of the perpetually traffic-clogged streets. Bloomberg’s plan had the support of many civic and environmental groups, as well as a number of Republicans. According to The New York Times, the Democrats’ opposition mostly reflects the feelings of their constituents, who hate the idea of being charged money to drive in their own neighborhoods.

As one Assemblyman put it, “the word ‘elitist’ came up a number of times.”

While the plan has been floating around for a number of years, congestion pricing lasted only a matter of months in the public sphere. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Bloomberg and his supporters.

Congestion Pricing Plan is Dead, Assembly Speaker Says (The New York Times)

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