Next Toyota Corolla Delayed Until 2008

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If the all-new Yaris is too small for you and the current Corolla is too outdated, you’ll just have to keep waiting for your next Toyota economy car. The company has put plans for the next-generation Corolla on hold due to lack of engineers. Yes, you read that right, engineers.

It seems Toyota is focusing on other projects for now and can afford to let the aging Corolla age a bit more. The sedan actually saw a 13% increase in sales during the first half of 2006 because of rising gas prices. Generally, vehicles six years into their life cycle see a decline in sales.

Toyota doesn’t seem to mind that Honda is seeing success with its redesigned Civic and will patiently wait until 2008 to update the Corolla. It already has the all-new Camry, RAV4, FJ Cruiser and Yaris to sell, and in January 2007 it will roll out an all-new Tundra pickup. So that should free up some time for those busy engineers.

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