NFL Draftee-to-Be Quinn Gets Free Hummer H2


Here’s one thing we just don’t understand: How come the rich and famous get the best free stuff? Whether it’s the gift bags they used to get at the Oscars or cars for superstar athletes, the folks with the most cash get the big ticket freebies. Not fair.

The latest case of this is former Notre Dame quarterback — and a potential top 10 draft pick tomorrow — Brady Quinn getting a Hummer during tomorrow’s NFL Draft. He’s actually getting just the use of two new 2008 H2s for one year, and not the full outright cars, but still. What’s that in lease-deal terms? It has to be over $1,000 a month for both, right? And why would he need two?

Anyway, amaze your buddies tomorrow with this factoid while you watch the NFL draft. The presentation with Hummer will happen between noon and 2 p.m. Saturday EDT. He should be wearing an NFL team cap by then. [please, be a Miami Dolphins hat, please –ed.]

Source: GM

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